This project aims to reinforce the skills and competences of TIA Formazione ( staff on Media literacy.

The ILEADER project will make a significant contribution to
to strengthen the skills of staff involved in mobility both personally and professionally
as in the previous project. Specifically, it will contribute to

  • better know-how and awareness of specific tools related to educational innovation
    (digital/social education);
  • acquisition and development of specific language, skills and thinking skills
  • knowledge of specific projects and initiatives in partner countries;
  • be able to relate the concept of media education to the education systems of the different countries
    and confrontation with the Italian reality;
    On a practical level it will strengthen the mastery and use of new media also for the creation of new
    technologies to create educational content;
  • better capacity to discern the use of tried and tested innovative tools
    (search, selection and evaluation of instruments);
  • better ability to provide guidance and support to other trainers in the field of adult education
    using ICT tools and digital methods;
    On a professional level, it will support the integration of traditional teaching strategies with
    innovative strategies based on the use of multimedia, interaction and collaboration even at a distance
    using the knowledge and skills acquired for the structuring of new activities and services
    within the structure to which they belong;
    Together with the more specifically technical skills, all participants will be able to further
    to develop and improve one’s personal qualities of relationship and comparison thanks to the various activities that
    will be carried out in multicultural and multidisciplinary contexts. These competences include:
  • ability to communicate best by providing constructive feedback;
  • ability to establish productive working relationships;
  • ability to initiate and implement change within a given context;
  • ability to adapt to new approaches, initiatives, methods and technologies;
  • ability to make creative decisions in complex situations;
  • ability to work as a team to achieve a common goal;
  • ability to integrate different opinions of team members;
  • conflict management skills.
    Strengthening staff skills becomes extremely strategic for the strengthening of the entity under the European and international development plan.

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